submissive urination

Submissive Urination

Closely related to shyness is the vexing problem of submissive wetting. This problem is widely misunderstood. It’s common in puppies. Among dogs and wolves, urination solves many social dilemmas. Juvenile and lower-ranking dogs and wolves offer up shows of submission as appeasement gestures to the higher-ranking pack members. Most often this will occur when there’s Read More

dog thunderstorm

Fear Of Thunderstorms

Fear of thunderstorms is surprisingly common in dogs; some experts estimate that up to 30 percent are affected with it to some degree or another. The most severely thunderstorm-phobic dogs can become intensely fearful and panicked, to the point where they become a hazard to themselves. If possible, make sure your thunder-phobic dog has easy Read More

crate training

Crate Training

Never underestimate the value of attention. Many misbehaviors are inadvertently reinforced by the owners’ providing attention. Crate training a puppy is a good example. The first night is always horrific, unless the breeder was responsible enough to start the crate training early. The pup will howl, whine, yip, yap, yelp, and generally carry on. Owners Read More

resource guarding

Warning Signs Of Resource Guarding

During resource-guarding, dogs exhibit components of ritualized aggression. That is, they have a fairly explicit hierarchy of warnings – accelerated eating, cessation of eating or “freezing up,” glassy/hard eyes, growling, lip lifting, snapping, biting – that they’ll run through to get a competitor (YOU!) to back away from what they have. They’re nervous that you’re Read More