patriotic jack russell

Thank You For Your Service

This Memorial Day, PhDog Obedience and Hound Dog Blog want to thank all the men, women and canines serving to keep us free. A special thank you to my father who served in the Korean War and my son who is currently serving in the Army as a combat medic.   Share This:

boston sitting

Sit! Sit! SIT!

There is a behavior that the many humans demonstrate when meeting an unfamiliar dog or puppy: they will tell the dog to “Sit! Sit! SIT!” Even without any evidence whatsoever that the dog understands the word, people will repeat it again and again, and say it louder and more emphatically, seemingly certain that the dog Read More

crate training

Crate Training

Never underestimate the value of attention. Many misbehaviors are inadvertently reinforced by the owners’ providing attention. Crate training a puppy is a good example. The first night is always horrific, unless the breeder was responsible enough to start the crate training early. The pup will howl, whine, yip, yap, yelp, and generally carry on. Owners Read More