dog teeth

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

It’s sometimes shocking to me that so many of us live with dogs and never think of looking at their teeth. Like us, dogs can develop problems with their teeth that can affect their overall health. But in comparison to us, their lives are much shorter – and they develop dental problems much more quickly. Read More


Are Cicadas A Danger To Dogs?

Roughly a billion cicadas will soon take over parts of Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York, filling the air with their mating call. Brood V cicadas, just one of type of 17-year cicada, have already made their debut in Ohio. While Ohio will see cicadas in 2017, other states may have a Read More

dog tick

Summer Is Tick Prevention Time

Warm weather is prime season for ticks. Ticks are eight-legged, blood-sucking parasites about one-eighth to one inch in length.The parasites can transmit infectious disease, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or even paralysis, because of a toxin in their saliva.   We asked Michael Stone, DVM, board-certified in small animal medicine at Read More